State-of-the-art Nürnberg

When you hear about Nürnberg contemporary art is not the first thing pops up in your mind. It was also not my first thought either when I got the opportunity to spend a few months there. However this great city in the Bavarian region of Germany has lots of hidden gems to offer the urban traveler looking for something distinctive.

Back in 2011 I spent 6 amazing months in the “secret capital” of Bavaria and during this time I tried to explore its treasures from a different angle. Now to relive the great moments I had there, I’ve put together a day tour to share it with all you guys looking for these small bits of extra tips to avoid the crowd when visiting this great place anytime during the year. So let’s start the tour.

Nürnberg butcher

Local delicacies from the butcher

Waking up in Dürer’s city the best way to kick-off your day is at the local butcher. Metzgerei Hülf & Fiehl (6, Obere Wörthstrasse) is offering a vast selection of local specialties from the traditional Leberkäse (mixed ground meat – beef and/or pork – and liver baked into a loaf) to Blutwurst (pork sausage with blood) to challenge your taste buds. But not only meat, the tiny shop also sells a variety of fresh cheese and salads so don’t hesitate to ask for a platter of the local delicacies to eat-in. I usually started my day here and I’m telling you there is no better way to get a taste of the famous Bavarian culinary.

Boosted for the day continue your tour on Obere Wörthstrasse and Kaiserstrasse, turning right to Königstrasse, walking along the street until you reach the Kunst Kultur Quartier /Art Culture Quarter/ (93, Königstrasse). The institution – founded in 2008 – is a new form of cultural establishment hosting a selection of contemporary exhibitions. When I was here I loved a free exhibition featuring satirical works depicting how human body is remanufactured and distorted in hope for a better appearance. To check what they are shocking you now with, visit their website.

Nürnberg contemporary exhibition

Mass production (Kunst Kultur Quartier)

Contemporary art in Kunst Kultur Quartier in Nürnberg

The human body (Kunst Kultur Quartier)

Two minutes walk away from the Kunst Kultur Quartier a minimalist building on Klarissenplatz is home to the Neues Museum /New Museum/ that definitely will please the modern art lovers. Standing outside the museum designed by the Berlin architect Volker Staab, its curved glass façade lets you get a glimpse of the current exhibition. But why standing outside? Go in and lose yourself in the enormous quarters of the building featuring art and design works from the past 60 years. The architecture and content of the museum makes it a very exceptional and inspirational place. Film and concert programs are also organized here throughout the year.

Stefanz Wicky - Sessel Dommage

Stefanz Zwicky – Sessel Dommage (Neues Museum)

Komplot design process chairs in Neues Museum Nürnberg

Komplot design process chairs (Neues Museum)

You clearly started to get a picture of cutting edge art in Nürnberg by now. Can’t get enough of modern-day art? Then it’s time to go and get to your next destination in your journey to the future. But before you do that pop into Bratwurst-Glöcklein in Handwerkerhof for a Bratwurstsemmel take away (sausages in fresh roll) so you pick up some energy for the rest of the day.

Now head towards Kunsthalle /Gallery of Contemporary Art/ (32, Lorenzer Strasse) along Königstormauer. The building was constructed in 1913 and now it is home to seasonal international and local contemporary exhibitions all year round. The London based Susan Hiller’s ‘From Here to Eternity’ showcase was an experience for me hard to forget, portraying the contrast between the rational and the subconscious. Check their website for more information about current and upcoming exhibitions.

Susan Hiller - From Here to Eternity in Kunsthalle, Nürnberg

Susan Hiller  – From Here to Eternity (Kunsthalle)

Susan Hiller Wild talents in Kunsthalle Nürnberg

Susan Hiller – Wild Talents (Kunsthalle)

The museums will be closing down for the day by now but before you head back to the hotel to refresh yourself a short adventure is there to be taken. Cinecittá in Gewerbemuseumsplatz screens amazing short movies in 4D in the evenings after 4pm. Follow the black cat in the movie “Haunted House” and freak-out will be guaranteed.

When the night comes down Enchilada (10, Obstmarkt) is the place the chic traveler should be. Dine & wine in this hip Mexican restaurant, choose their abundant Big Starter Platter and try a few cocktails from their vast variety. If it’s Friday or Saturday night make sure you have a reservation as it’s get packed very fast. The trendy atmosphere and cool music promises a great night-out and a perfect ending of an unforgettable day in this amazing city.

Enchilada Mexican restaurant Nürnberg

Some eenie meenies from Enchilada Big Starter Platter

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