Hidden pearls of the North Italian countryside

There’s something that never changes. And that is the beauty of Italy. There can be winter or summer, economy rising or declining, the boot-shaped country proudly shows off its constant splendor. But what’s all the buzz about?

Northern Italy landscape

Mesmerizing landscape of Northern Italy

On one hand there is the architecture. And art. And landscape. And food. All of this that you just can’t get enough. But what I was looking for when I went on a short trip was something that lies behind the well-known. Something truly indigenous and hidden. A place where you can forget all the buzz and fuss and just focus on yourself and your dreams. I found this place secretly located in a small town in the Veneto region just somewhere between Verona and Padova.

To me Locanda Perinella (19, via Bregonza, Brogliano) means traditional, rustic, elegance, relaxation and comfort. The former agricultural building transformed to an elegant countryside hotel is located in a hidden and quiet area of the small town of Brogliano in Northern Italy. The super friendly staff creates such a cozy atmosphere that you feel like you are on a family visit of your own. The rooms are simple but yet elegant, catering to all with sophisticated taste.

Perinella outside

Locanda Perinella in Brogliano North Italy

Locanda Perinella in Brogliano

The hotel hosts an exceptional restaurant where every course is a new journey to the world of Venetian gastronomy. The freshest ingredients and the chef’s unbeatable experience make all courses taste incomparable along with a selection of some of the best Italian wines perfectly matching your meal. Breakfast in the hotel guarantees the same experience with locally baked bread and croissant, fruits and cereals, along with the finest Italian coffee.

Breakfast at Locanda Perinella Brogliano, North Italy

Breakfast at Locanda Perinella

The tranquil place in the valley surrounded by lavish mountains is home to the Lions Club and Rotary Club, and a perfect location for destination weddings. It is a good starting point to travel around and explore the nearby cities and villages.

journeyfiles recommends:

if you are sporty

  • bike around Brogliano and visit the San Martino church, then go ahead and explore the nearby villages.

if you are thirsty

  • take the car and drive 40 km to the homeland of grappa (grape-based alcoholic beverage with 35-60% alcohol content), Bassano del Grappa. Take some shots at the Nardini Bar (2, Ponte Vecchio, Bassano del Grappa) and be amazed by the widest variety of brandies. If you are the driver, then bad luck for you but your travel companion can still enjoy a few drinks. The grapperia can be found just on one end of the wooden bridge designed by Andrea Palladio so you can just walk out of the bar and enjoy your beverage right at the symbol of the town.

Nardini grapperia in Bassano Del Grappa

Nardini Grapperia in Bassano Del Grappa

  • if you can’t get enough of grappa the small town of Rosá is located just another 6 km from Bassano del Grappa where you can find Capovilla Distillati (12, via Giardini, Rosá) one of the best distillers recognized worldwide. The icing on the cake is that all products are hand bottled and labeled which enhances their uniqueness (note that they are closed for the weekend).

if you are architecture lover

  • then Vicenza (20 km from Brogliano) is a paradise for you with its monuments, churches, squares, bridges and villas designed by the architect Andrea Palladio in the 16th century. I found the Palladio Museum in Palazzo Barbarano (11, Contra’ Porti, Vicenza) especially interesting showcasing Palladio’s work with expert commentators projected on the wall.

Ponte San Michele in Vicenza

Ponte San Michele in Vicenza

Palladio Museum in Vicenza

Palladio Museum in Vicenza

  • Asolo (60 km from Brogliano) is a small town at the foot of the Dolomites. With beautiful landscape, narrow streets, gothic and Venetian style buildings it’s a real hidden gem of the Veneto region.

Asolo's landscape

Asolo’s landscape

A hidden antique shop in Asolo

A hidden antique shop in Asolo

One thing is sure, once you see the beauty of Italy you will be enchanted forever.

Looking for hidden places in Italy?

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