Amongst peaceful vineyards

Have you heard of the increasingly famous vineyards in Hungary? Probably Tokaj, home of the sweet golden liquid. But you better know that this is not the only notable wine region in the country.

Etyek Hungary

Lonely wine cellar

Drive 30 km west from Budapest till you reach the mesmerizing village of Etyek with hidden vineyards scattered along the small, unpaved roads. You get everything here you need for a relaxing day: there is the fresh air, the stunning nature, great cuisine and last but not least top-notch wines. It’s the real village lifestyle but on a different level.

Start with a refreshing walk among the cellars and vineyards to explore every corner of the place. Your camera will be your best travel companion, as you won’t be able to resist taking some great shots.

Etyek vineyards

Total serenity – Etyek vineyards

Time is flying, right? Suddenly it’s lunchtime. The absolute best place I’ve ever been in Hungary (if not in this entire universe) is home restaurant and winery EtyekM (Oreghegy ‘Old mountain’ 2814). So here’s the story. A young couple from Budapest moving out of the city to settle down somewhere they really belong. They find an old cellar with a splendid vineyard in the back of the garden perfectly reflecting their dreams. They buy the place and bit-by-bit start to transform it to real home. Everything according to their own taste. There is the kitchen on the ground floor our grandmas would have always dreamed about, that’s where all the perfectly planned meals are prepared by the owners themselves. A metal staircase leads up to the first floor to the living and dining area. And when you enter, a view you never expected unfolds in front of your eyes. The entire back wall of the living room is a piece of glass giving breathtakingly beautiful panorama to the adjoining vineyard. That’s what I call perfectly planned architecture!

EtyekM winery and restaurant

 Friendly and welcoming – EyekM

When weather allows the three to five course lunch (or dinner) is served at the tables in the garden, while on chilly days guests can enjoy the delicious meals prepared in the name of slow-food movement. All ingredients are purchased from local farmers in the market, and the courses are accompanied by the couple’s own red and white wine served directly from the cellar located under their home. On a sunny day after lunchtime just lie down on the grass with a glass of wine and enjoy the pure serenity.

EtyekM vinery and restaurant

Rural tranquility – EtyekM vineyards

If you are totally captivated by the village and don’t want to leave it behind so soon stay in one of the 6 guest rooms of Hotel Rokusfalvy (Alcsuti ut 4.) with private bathroom and a hearty breakfast. Before you hit the bed you can jump into the garden sauna to relax your muscles and totally unwind your mind.

Rokusfalvy fogado guestroom

A good night sleep at Hotel Rokusfalvy

journeyfiles tips:

  • Try to schedule your visit on Saturday or Sunday as most cellars are open only during weekends
  • Make a booking in EtyekM in advance for lunch or dinner
  • Great dinner and matching wine is served in Hotel Rokusfalvy, worth to try!

journeyfiles also likes:

  • Hernyak Winery: Dynamically growing family winery with exceptional wines and gourmet experience (Etyek, Oreghegy 2684)
  • Sonkamester: Home-made cured hams, salamis and sausages served with fresh bread and vegetables. All this in an old wine cellar equipped with antique furniture. Friendly service and fun is guaranteed (Etyek, Ujhegyi ut)
  • Haraszthy Vineyards: Much different from the small local wineries with it’s grand size and contemporary construction. The first-class restaurant and chateau offers both Hungarian and Argentinian wine and cuisine open from April to September (Etyek, Oreghegy 3108)
  • Korda filmpark: International film studio where some of the most prestigious local and international films and commercials have been recorded. If you arrive with a group you can be the hero in your own short film. Booking in advance is required

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