Berlin never sleeps

Berlin has always been a top pic among hip travelers. We love it for its profound history, abundant culture, underground bars and cosmopolitan atmosphere. It’s so wanted by the young crowd around the world that in a Lufthansa competition a Swedish guy – among 41 others – went as far as to change his name from the absolute normal Michael Andersson to hilarious sounding Klaus-Heidi (a mix of German male and female name) to win a new life in the German capital prepaid by the airline. So how Berlin can keep on attracting a good number of visitors year by year?

Design hotel 25hours Berlin entrance

A city with 1000 faces – 25hours Bikini Berlin Hotel

They do something really good by inventing new kind of tours around the city and opening distinct thematic hotels to cater even for the fussiest. Hopping on a bike to see the city is very much trending, so bike rentals and guided tours on cycle are highly demanded. In parallel the number of bike friendly hotels are also on the increase. Seeing the niche, sport Hotel Kolumbus (Genslerstraße 18) decided to let you take your bike up to your room for the night. Do you have a flat tire? You can get that fixed also in-house. There is either no shortage of design hotels and what more, opening of 30 new accommodations are scheduled the next three years.

Discus theme suite at Holumbus Hotel Berlin

Sport inspired ‘discus suite’ at Kolumbus Hotel Berlin


Not an everyday bakery – Design Hotel 25hours Bikini Berlin

 Want to know more about Berlin’s history in an interactive way? Then the Story of Berlin museum (Kurfürstendamm 207-208) is the place to pick. Deep diving into the Berliners’ everyday life the 20 themed rooms guide you through different eras of 800 years. Walk through the time tunnel, experience the birth of the Metropolis, see the city under National Socialism and get a glimpse of the fall of the Berlin Wall. And what’s under the surface? Right below the busy Kurfürstendamm avenue a nuclear bomb shelter from the time of the Cold War hides mysteriously with a capacity to accommodate 3600 people in case of emergency. Guided bunker tours are there to show a sneak-peek.

Divided City in the Story of Berlin museum

Divided City – Story of Berlin museum

Nuclear bomb shelter in Berlin

Under the surface – Nuclear bomb shelter

 A phase was closed 25 years ago and the Berlin Wall now shows its complete different face to the commemorating visitors. Just jump 40 years back in time and get to East from West by a good old Trabant.

The icing on the cake in Berlin is that you always find something new popping-up since your last visit. Underground art workshops scattered in abandoned buildings, hidden bars in trending neighborhoods, or intimate restaurants accommodating just a dozen of people. If you want to immerse in the culinary delights but don’t feel like drifting in the crowd visit Zuhause Berlin (Kreuzberg, Berlin), a private supper club serving a 6 to 8 course delicious, carefully selected menu with seriously matching wine. The courses vary time to time so you never get to taste the same thing twice. The place can house 12 people at a time so make sure you book in advance. You definitely come across some interesting people and who knows… you might end up dancing the night away with your newly made travel buddies.

Zuhause Berlin restaurant

Warm and cozy – Zuhause Berlin private supper club

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