Guests are not welcome?

In today’s competitive hospitality industry some hotels just don’t want to keep up and mastered the art of frustrating guests, chasing them away forever. So see a list of the most common mistakes – from my perspective – a hotelier should just not turn a blind eye to.


Is there anyone?

The reception is the front end of the hotel, leaving it unattended is the best way to make a first, well… not so good impression. It mostly happens in some small lodgings where the owner is the GM, housekeeping head, finance, marketing, receptionist, so basically runs the whole show alone. Although the phenomenon exists less at large hotel chains, understaffed front desk still occurs (and by Murphy’s law exactly when you are rushing for a meeting or late for your flight).

At the end of the day check-out time and the number of guests to calculate with are given, so what makes a proper roster impossible?

Interior last maintained in 1960’s

Dark entrance hall, grandma’s flower-power armchair, broken upholstery and dirty carpet. Traveling extensively you must have already come across a few of these gems irrespective of the hotel’s actual star-rating and let’s admit, it can break one’s mood down within a blink of an eye. Number of guest nights is on the decrease? Limited budget? Don’t really sound as a good excuse. Hoteliers do not have to go bankrupt to give the space a makeover.

Dark lobby? What about more lighting?

Outdated furniture? Maybe a new upholstery.

Worn-out carpet? Opt for the cleaning service?

Some form of solution is way better than ignorance.

It’s impossible

From my point of view nothing makes a stay more unpleasant in a hotel, than careless and offensive staff. Inconveniences can happen even in the best circumstances, but how your requests are treated will define your entire stay and on this ground you make up your mind if you ever return to the spot again. It’s not about the pickiest customer trying to convince the front desk attendant to open the spa in the middle of the night, but all guest requests should be treated respectfully.

Instead of the ignorant ‘can’t do attitude’ one can always find ways around things or offer an alternative solution. The guest picked a specific place for business or pleasure in the hope of impeccable service and a good night sleep.

What’s all that dust?

Dirt patches on the floor, rusty shower, hair in the bathtub, filthy mattress. Dammit. This is the room where you should take a relaxing shower and be sound asleep? A filthy room is something that can make or break your stay.

Clear guidelines to the housekeeping staff please…. and a qualified supervisor who knows where the potholes of cleaning lie.

Pure lack of planning

When the door of the shower doesn’t close properly to flood the bathroom with water within seconds. When the alarm is set on your phone and you are about to charge it for the night but there is no socket near and far of the bed. Small things? Probably, but rather irritating. Sometimes you just want to feel comfortable and nothing else matters. When I feel like backpacking and don’t mind some discomfort I will opt for the camp for one fifth of the price.

Sorry, it’s out of order at the moment

You packed your swimsuit and flip-flops and just waiting for the moment to jump into that hot tub demonstrated on the hotel’s website. But when you arrive you see it’s out of order (and probably it has been out of order for a while). Unfair.

I know, anything can go wrong will go wrong, but at least a heads-up on the website please (same applies to extinct Wi-Fi).

Oh, wait. There is no website at all?

You heard about that place before and are eager to try it but no website can be found on the World Wide Web to check it out? At this point you probably decide to go for something else you can gain substantial information of and I don’t blame you.

There are so many free tools to build a website and market the hotel that not having an online presence just seems pure negligence.

Happy accommodation hunting!

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10 thoughts on “Guests are not welcome?

  1. I’ve ran into my fair share of these problems! Great list and thank you so much for liking my post To Cambodia with Love. Words can’t express how much it means to me. I wish you the best with everything. 🙂


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