Less is more on the south coast

Beyond guidebooks around the Maltese islands (part III.)

There is a small village down south with a small population. It might seem insignificant for some, but all the more important for its residents. And me. Birzebbuga gave me joy for the day, shelter for the night and friends for a lifetime.

Fishermen Birzebbuga MaltaFishermen and fisherwoman

Due to its location and lack of holiday accommodation the village is out of inbound tourists’ way but enjoys great popularity with locals flocking down the hot summer months. Its magnificent church, colorful buildings, local vendors, charismatic residents, relaxed fishermen (and fisherwomen) preserve all the charm the village is characterized by. The small, sandy coastline with the azure blue water is deservedly called Pretty Bay. An early spring refreshing walk, listening to the sounds of the never resting commercial port undoubtedly frees the soul and stimulates the mind.

Birzebbuga port stormSigns of storm over Birzebbuga’s port

Pretty Bay MaltaGolden sunrise over Pretty Bay

Everything feels laid-back, thus everything seems so real. Human relations and interactions, the island culture they sustain, the people, the time, the places… Local salesmen offer their commodity modestly priced and merchandised. Bread from the old baker, fresh fruits from the greengrocer, meat from the traditional butcher, a pint of beer from the omniscient innkeeper. Particularly off-season, the village is untouched by urban masses and rushing tourists, people just go on with their life simply and peacefully, yet so diversely. The sporty does his daily marathon along the coast, the adventurous joins the local sailing club, the one keen on fun won’t miss the weekend beach sessions of the bingo society. At the end of the day everyone minds their own business finding some sort of entertainment. And what can the traveler expect drifted there from miles away? Warm-hearted people, some kind words and that uplifting Maltese smile.

Cardiff Butcher Birzebbuga MaltaAlways fresh and always local

Pop's bar BirzebbugaBest bar in town

Off the beaten track around the Maltese islands:


5 thoughts on “Less is more on the south coast

    • This was the view from the place I lived. At the beginning the commercial port was not particularly appealing to me, but as weeks and months have gone by I started to sympathize with it. After 6 months I would have never traded that view and the infiltrated port noise for anything else on the island 🙂


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