Wining around cultures

An unforgettable trip always has something to do with wine. Wherever in the world, unless alcohol is banned, wine helped so many travelers across the globe to overcome language barriers and smoothen their way to people and culture. That’s how we feel at least after a couple of glasses.

Maltese wine

Here’s where to get connected, feel home away from home and share some good stories over a bottle:

Angolo Palladio – Vicenza, Italy

A cozy Italian place doesn’t always have to mean the rustic trattoria. Angolo Palladio is modern and sophisticated, yet warm and friendly. The restaurant in Palladio’s square serves delicious pizza and pasta dishes and much more. The place is full of locals and travelers so if language barrier is a great concern you don’t need to worry about it. The staff speaks good English and they are always around to offer the greatest wine pairing of their abundant selection to your meal. Since you are in the Veneto region go for a local wine, your taste buds won’t be disappointed. Tai rosso Colle di Bugano is a great choice, or bubble up your stay with an Andreola Dirupo Porsecco. (Piazzetta Palladio 12, Vicenza)

Angolo Palladio VicenzaLocal favorite – Angolo Palladio

Del Borgo – Birgu, Malta

Hidden between the narrow streets of Birgu, in the old palace building undoubtedly wine takes the lead. Looking at the extensive list of local and imported drinks you may feel like you are in wine heaven. This is far the best place on the island if you are here to sip a variety of Maltese wines accompanied with some bar favorites from the menu. Traditional Maltese platter, local ravioli and the inevitable cheese plate are amongst the best as far as the food is concerned. If you opt for some international wine, whether it’s Chile, Australia or Greece, you find at least one from nearly all parts of the world. Probably the best is just to leave it up to the hosts to select the finest to your taste. (St. Domnic street, Birgu)

Del Borgo MaltaBefore: palace/After: wine bar – Del Borgo

Culinarium – Innsbruck, Austria

A fully committed local family, passion for quality and a friendly approach. That’s the key behind Culinarium, a successful family business in Innsbruck running for over 30 decades. With more than 300 different types of Schnaps (strong alcoholic beverage) and a broad range of wines the place should be on every traveler’s list visiting the city. The downtown wine cellar and gourmet shop is excellent to get first hand information and a taste of Austria’s famous thirst quenchers. Sample some of the greatest liquids before you pick a few bottles to go. (Pfarrgasse 1, Innsbruck)

Culinarium InnsbruckGourmands’ paradise – Culinarium in Innsbruck

Whether you are alone, with your buddies or amongst your newly made travel companions, wandering around the world some good wine always makes you feel connected.

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10 thoughts on “Wining around cultures

  1. An unforgettable trip always has something to do with wine… I couldn’t agree more. Wine lovers just seem to appreciate travel more, don’t you think? Cheers to good wine!


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