Relax, retreat, rethink

We go to wellness hotels for many reasons. We work hard so we deserve it. We are heartbroken, so we deserve it. We have anniversaries, birthdays, name days, joy, sorrow, kids, no kids, lost our job, got a job… so we deserve it. In fact, sitting in the spa, musing about life while your mind and muscles are pampered is one of those uplifting moments in life. Well, up to the point when you see other guests circulating around ‘your’ Jacuzzi or giving an urging look through the window of the infra sauna, as a slight indication that you are sitting inside for more than 15 minutes. This can certainly kill those moments when you felt you breath with the place. Suddenly the well deserved vacation turns into a sneaky fight for deck chairs and for a good position under the neck massage jet.

Bio Hotel Hermitage, Madonna di Campiglio, ItalyMuse about your life peacefully – Bio Hotel Hermitage

And that’s where the small wellness hotels come in and win over their big competitors. They might have a slightly more limited range of services on offer but entrusting them with your well-being will definitely pay off. So here comes a list of three accommodations that recognized this niche and went beyond the conveyor belt-like service.

Bio Hotel Hermitage – Madonna di Campiglio, Italy

Situated between Earth and sky, with carefully selected natural materials Bio Hotel Hermitage is a first class gem under the peaks of the Italian Dolomites. The warm colors and light streaming through the vast glass surfaces ensure a pleasant atmosphere all over the building. Apart from a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, the panoramic spa features a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, an aroma shower and a comfy relax room. Light background music, healthy juices, special herbal and massage treatments await the tired traveler in this little wellness oasis. If you think it cannot get any better just enter the Hermitage Stube, a Michelin-starred restaurant and let your taste buds also have a feast with the wild herb-seasoned organic meals. If you are up to some activity around, put on the skis or snowboard at winter and head to the adjacent ski slopes. The adventurous ones can boost their adrenaline going for ice climbing on the nearby cliffs. Spring and summer months are perfect for trekking in the mountains, biking through the trails, rafting down the river or get out to the high-altitude golf course for a round. Whatever your preference is in terms of a relaxing holiday, the family run place will surely make your stay memorable.

Bio Hotel Hermitage, Madonna di Campiglio, ItalyFairy-tale like atmosphere – Bio Hotel Hermitage

Bio Hotel Hermitage suite, Madonna di Campiglio, ItalyBreathing with Earth – Bio Hotel Hermitage

Almwellness Hotel Pierer – Fladnitz an der Teichalm, Austria

From panoramic pool and Jacuzzi to herbal and outdoor sauna the small family owned hotel has everything (or more) the big ones have to offer. Get up to a view of unspoilt nature, energize with a local breakfast, then stretch yourself at the yoga session before taking a short nap in the meditation room. Choose from the comprehensive massage and beauty programs to prettify your stay. Apart from home-made breakfast, gourmet travelers can enjoy a light midday menu, an afternoon break with coffee and cakes, and a 4-course dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. The wide range of activities, fresh air and pampering treatments ensure a good-night sleep in one of the themed rooms with a stunning view to the Almenland Nature Reserve.

Spa Hotel Pierer, Fladnitz, AustriaPanorama spa – Almwellness Hotel Pierer

Hochlantsch room Almwellness Hotel Pierer, Fladnitz, AustriaRoom with a sunset – Almwellness Hotel Pierer

Boutique Hotel Alemannenhof – Hinterzarten am Titisee, Germany (Schwarzwald)

In the heart of the Black Forest, on the bank of Lake Titisee, the country style boutique hotel provides exceptional services to their guests. Complimentary boat transfer, free iPad around the house, cocktail cruise on the lake, or a free trip by an Electro Smart car around the region – no ordinary stuff. Reiki-energy treatments and massages, sauna, swimming pool and a relaxation room put the place under the wellness concept. The hilly region and the crystal clear lake provides endless opportunities for an active break. Complete wellness and gourmet packages are on offer throughout the year including personal consultation with health advisors for a totally customized stay.

Alemannenhof badestrand Germany, SchwarzwaldSunbathing Black Forest style – Boutique Hotel Alemannenhof

Alemannenhof room, Black Forest, GermanyModern and natural Boutique Hotel Alemannenhof

Seems like there is no need to look further for the real meaning of the term ‘wellness’. You will absolutely find it in one of these well-being escapes.

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