Vienna is cool on foot (part 2.)

Started with a filling breakfast, then visited a number of upcoming hot spots in Vienna. After a short break I hit the streets of the buzzing Austrian capital again.

14.00 PM

Due to the hearty breakfast just a few hours back, some quick bites were more than enough to get back on track for the afternoon. The good thing is that you can always grab something fast and healthy in Vienna. You can pick up a whole-grain sandwich in one of the bakeries, if opting for something light you can find a number of vegetarian restaurants around the seventh district. Pop in for the daily vegetarian and vegan lunch menu to Govinda (Lindengasse 2).

Hotel DanielOne of the guest rooms at Hotel Daniel


15.00 PM

Leaving the seventh district behind with a long walk ahead to deep dive into the somewhat bizarre and unsettling modern-day art at the 21er Haus. (Arsenalstrasse 1). The eccentric glass construction was built in 1958 and shortly was named as an ideal space for modern art exhibitions. Expect wacky photographs, uncanny graphics and installations, mysterious videos. Take a close look at Andreas Fogarasi’s video “Kultur und Freizeit” demonstrating the disappearing cultural centers of Budapest passing something from the spirit of the place to the viewer. Understand gravitation vs. liquid turning to solid glass when checking out Michael Part’s Glassdrops installation or try to find the key to Hermann J. Painitz’s enigmatic codes.

Dots twentyone

Contemporary architecture – 21er Haus

18.00 PM

Hotel Daniel (Landstrasser Gürtel 5) must be the coolest hangout around Vienna. Outstanding design mix with elegance, natural materials meet fun. The Daniel Bakery has quickly become the unequivocal meeting point for young Austrians and the ultimate destination for hip travelers. You can get mouth-watering cakes, fresh salads, very international selection of soups and mains, fine wines and just everything the hungry adventurer would ideally fill their stomach with. Not only the food and the interior is a wow, but also the hotel’s shop where you would find anything from on-the-spot made honey, a simple white shirt or a trendy leather bag. By the way, if you are about to spend the night here, you can do so even in the hotel’s old trailer placed in the garden and transformed to an extravagant hotel room. So eclectic.

Hotel Daniel ViennaUrban stay at the Daniel

20.00 PM

When I first came to Porgy & Bess (Riemergasse 11) it was a night starring many different jazz bands and musical instruments on stage. I guess that was an event introducing and promoting various upcoming bands. There are concerts every evening so whichever day you are in Vienna you always find something going on at the iconic jazz club. The setup of the place resembles a theater with the stage and auditorium on the ground floor plus a gallery with additional tables and chairs on the top. The acoustic of the house make it a perfect concert venue for international and local bands.

Porgy and Bess ViennaAn iconic jazz club – Porgy & Bess

It was a long day around Vienna’s hip urban spots much beloved by the locals. There are many more fun places to be explored, so never forget to look behind the beaten track.

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