When you walk the roads alone

Before not at all I would have considered traveling alone as an option. Ok, that was long time ago. I was thinking (way too wrong!) that you need company, people to talk to, to go out with, to be protected by and so on. But traveling unaccompanied no way means you are a lonely wanderer. There are so many unprecedented things waiting for you out there so are the pros of walking the roads alone.

Duck walking


  1. Traveling solo is kinda’ stepping out of your comfort zone. There is no family or friends around, you have to take all challenges by your own self.
  2. Flying above the skies or taking the rails you will see fellow travelers seeking the same adventure but for many different reasons. Once you start talking to them you will feel that people are as curious about you as you are about them. Before you enter into any conversation you will have a strong sense about people you wanna to talk to and folks you just want to skip the chit-chat with. You will meet some pretty interesting dudes along the way, which is the whole essence of your trip.
  3. When you are taking up a journey all by yourself you are likely traveling with a more open mind. You will breathe in the culture deeper and will be more tolerant towards others.
  4. You are more likely going to use any limited local language skills you picked up at school or the key phrases you just learned from the travel dictionary (since your best friend is not there to take the piss out of you). The natives are always very understanding and not demanding you to be at an advanced level, it’s much appreciated that you at least took the effort.
  5. The locals will be happily promoting their country and city by recommending the places they hang out so you get a bunch of first-hand information on the destination you are visiting.
  6. When on your own you can go and eat wherever and whatever you want be it on a budget or in a Michelin-star restaurant.
  7. No one will give you a bad look if you decide to have a glass of wine the middle of the day. Or before midday.
  8. You can go to weird museums and do not have to explain to your travel companion what you love about those unsettling kind of installations.
  9. Whatever the size of the hostel/B&B/hotel bed, it’s all yours.
  10. You can walk in your own pace, see the things you really want to see, talk to strangers about anything you want.

And the list goes on. What else motivates us to travel alone?

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20 thoughts on “When you walk the roads alone

    • Yes, traveling alone is a complete different feeling for sure! But if you and your husband are both adventurous and have the same kind of wanderlust then it’s awesome as well, even though you have to make some compromise here and there 🙂

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  1. Hi! I’ve been travelling the whole europe for more than 2 years now, all on my own. Best experience in my life. I’ve met many new people and made many new friends thanks to the fact that I’m a solo traveller. There is only one dark side, sometime when I see something really beautiful and I’m alone, I wish I could share that moment with someone


    • Yes, that’s right. I tend to get a bit emotional seeing major attractions for the first time in real life and then I want to share it with someone. Usually I call someone from my family when alone 🙂 On the other side, traveling alone gives you more confidence and strengthens you in life.


  2. You’re right, you do learn so much alone. I especially agree with #10. I love taking things at my own pace. Standing for 20 minutes in front of one piece of art, having a leisurely lunch, sitting and watching waves all without the pressure to get moving. This is a lovely piece!


    • That’s exactly what I mean. I don’t like to be pressurized when visiting a monument or a museum, nor in a cafeteria or restaurant. When on a vacation I just want to feel part of the country, the city and the whole thing and you need to take your own time for that.


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