Worn down shoes do inspire

How would you discover big cities’ mysterious corners, the countryside beauties and rural island paths? If I’m not wandering around alone, I definitely opt for an original kind of outing, rather than following the red umbrella. So here’s the deal.

India walking tour

Previous experience educated me on pre-organized trips, which can be either of these two:

a) informative

b) way too mind-numbing

Sure it depends on many aspects.

a) If the guide is living in the country for quite a while then you get lots of stories and first-hand information which equals to an enlightening day out.

b) But when the tour leader is there for the season only, even though well-prepared you will be loaded with just too much info, dates, numbers, etc. to be able to process so the only thing you think about in the rush is why didn’t you just stay on the beach to finally get some tan instead of crawling from A to B while just not getting half of the things they mumble about.

The other side of the story is the group. Its component can make or break your day. You know the typical holiday-maker who paid for the one week all-inclusive kind of stuff and decides to get up from the poolside for a day and see the city around the hotel world he/she has been living in for the past 5 days? That kind of phenomenon always has whacking things something to nitpick about, like the desert is too sandy, Africa is too hot and there’s fish in the water (these are really happening, no kidding!).

So what to go for if you need something like a local’s boundless expertise to get you acquainted with the place but by avoiding the hustle and bustle of large coach tourist groups? Exactly this niche inspired a now growing number of local guys around the world to introduce something very casual. And these are the themed walking tours. It can be costume, eco, totally tailor-made or night walks, the point is that it’s fit, fun and fab. They are mostly organized in small groups, each and every member as a constructive, rather than a destructive element of the unit. You really can feel yourself part of a big family for the day doing all sorts of crazy things together while soaking in the history and sights with lots of tidbits and fun facts about the place and its people. Since the trips are mostly organized voluntarily by young folks you won’t be able to book them at your travel agent but you can catch them in social media channels or the local tourist information office. One thing is sure. This will be one of the most memorable days of your entire stay and you will be guaranteed to return home with a handful of new contacts saved in your smartphone.

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