Once upon a time in Kerala…

Traveling without your camera is traveling without shoes. You are physically able to do it but you constantly feel something is missing.

Luckily even in my early years of traveling I thought the same and even though the photos are a far cry from being professional they are good enough to recall the moments of my wanderings in this astonishing South Indian state.

Kerala Chinese fishing netsFishermen at work – Chinese fishing nets in Cochin

Cochin boatSnapshot from a restaurant’s window – Cochin

Cochin schoolDiscipline and school uniform – Cochin

Cochin vendorsStreet vedors – Cochin

Cochin vendorsBeach vendors – Cochin

Kerala backwatersDo it like a tourist but enjoy it like a traveler – Alleppey backwaters

KathakaliArt & Tradition – Kathakali dance performance in Cochin

Cochin woman on the moveCochin on the move

Kerala off the beaten track:

24 thoughts on “Once upon a time in Kerala…

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