Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art (and something more)

Henna Bangalore IndiaHenna artist – Bangalore, India

So many things can be considered as art. Just pop into a contemporary gallery in New York, London or Milan and you will be jaw-droppingly wondering how on earth the artist visualized that piece of art standing in front of you made out of toilet rolls. I could do that! – you think and wanna shout it out loud. Yeah, sure but you did not… The most unsettling exhibitions I’ve seen so far were in some of the contemporary galleries of Nürnberg where I came across all kinds of components used from a girl’s hair to tampons and to a bulimia Barbie doll boxed in along with a plastic toilet. Well, they created something original for sure.

And that’s where the whole essence of art lies. Creating something original, something unique and extraordinary.

This time however I chose to showcase something more traditional but not less imaginative. This old photo of mine was taken in Bangalore in a rather simple corner shop where an everyday person like you or me creates her own art day by day to literally make a living out of the few Rupees she earns with her talent. She does make art, although I’m unsure if she is aware of this or just looks at it as her main income source that will put food on her family’s table. Whatever it is, the driving force behind our travels should be the ambition to spot and capture the uniqueness and details in everything we come across with. Because art indeed lies all around us we just need to walk with our eyes wide open to notice that.

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