The world as we trek

Lake Garda Italy

Traveling the world and hopping from one country to the other is something that certainly everyone would be up to try. Whether trekking the globe is happening bit by bit or in one go you finally get to tick that bucket list jotted down ages ago.

When I took a break from the regular 9 to 5 to devote as much time as I could for my passion of traveling I absolutely did not know what the next couple of months will bring. Will it fulfill me? Will I have enough financial backup? Will I finally find the way destined for me in life? I had no idea. I just felt a strange, magnetic-like addiction and at the same time I knew whatever happens that’s the way I am gonna take. So after visiting a couple of countries and cities I’ve been or never been before, slept in different hotels, seen the must-see and went off the beaten track, experienced the Stendhal syndrome and been faint-like exhausted I asked myself: what the heck makes us so much addicted to this globe trekking? There get to be something superficial that pulls us towards and takes us all in and never letting us escape. Well, they say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Unlike chasing a never achievable level in the world of materialism, traveling adds value to your life, brings in people you never expected to connect, pampers your taste buds with local flavors, leads you to roads you’ve never walked before. But there is something else I was not aware of for a long time and came to realization slowly, step-by-step, challenge-by-challenge:

When on the go all your skills come into use.

Organizing your entire trip to let’s just say to India needs independency, taking the challenges on the way requires an adventurous personality, solving all the hitches coming up calls for creativity, to get along with the locals demands an outgoing nature, to survive the trip you need a good portion of responsibility and fill in the blank. But most importantly by the end of the trip you will learn to cooperate with male and female, black and white, Islamic or Christian, you understand your physical and mental limits and you will be able to face your fears you buried deep down decades ago. Like a flower seed in spring after the snow melted, the heavy weight is off, feels the sunlight, starts to breathe, slowly comes out of the dark, proudly grows and opens up. That’s how travelers feel.

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15 thoughts on “The world as we trek

  1. Very well said. I wish I had the money to travel, so I travel through the Internet and locally. Everything you said about traveling off the beaten path is true, as well as the emotions of the journey.

    Thank you for sharing,



  2. Another thing you do which I do myself, is travel and complement your sojourns with pictures. Narratives and pictures make a good pair. You are doing the right thing, as far as I’m concerned. Keep those blog posts coming. Bring them on!

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