Where the lake reflects Harleys

Overdosing pasta and Carpaccio Italian style– part II.

What’s common in vintage cars, pristine landscape, Harley-Davidson and crystal clear water? I also didn’t know but pretty much seems to be it’s Lake Garda, coz all these can be easily spotted on the way from south to north, from east to west. Driving around the biggest Italian lake is feast for the eyes and food for the soul.

Surf reflection

The journey starts in the narrow peninsula of Sirmione the very south part of the lake characterized by medieval streets, tiny-little vintage shops, excellent fish restaurants, a serene park and the impressive Scaliger Castle guarding the old town since the 13th century. If you just want to laze around, eat out in one restaurant today and another one tomorrow, and by the way do not mind some poshness around, this is the place for you.

 Sirmione watersportEndless watersport activities around Lake Garda

Scaliger Castle SirmioneMarvelous castle above the town – Scaliger Castle, Sirmione

 Driving up on the east side the winding roads are home to lifestyle travelers in cabrios and custom-built motorbikes cruising along the coastline flattered by the lake to the left and snowy-peak mountains to the right. Passing by the small towns of Castelletto, Brenzone and Assenza not only the landscape but the weather is also changing with the never stopping wind breeze making the place the surfers’ paradise. Leaving the “all-in-one luxury” long time behind this part of the lake attracts fewer crowds and a different circle of visitors taking advantage of the steady wind which makes this the number one location for windsurfers around. Either you are passionate about kayaking, sailing and kite surfing, being beginner or advanced, or maybe hiking and cycling satisfies your adventurous soul Torbole won’t disappoint.Torbole windsurf

Torbole windsurf with landscape

Torbole Lake GardaSurfers’ mecca – Torbole at Lake Garda

With enormous cliffs the landscape shows it’s different face one more time driving from north to south along the west side of the lake sporting some panoramic accommodations and restaurants scattered along the way. Having a day, a weekend or an entire week, a full-round-trip around Lake Garda is something you will surely not mind and will charge your batteries up for a long time.

While wandering Italy:

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