When the journey ends

Returning home airplane

Returning home from a journey is always another journey. Here are 5 reasons behind the secretly awaited moment:

1) After having the gourmet feast of your life and tasted all the traditional and super fancy meals your destination had to offer, deep inside you’re anticipating the day to bolt that all time favorite casserole meal you’ve been raised on. The inner urge is even more intense if you are returning from your great outdoor adventure where your top culinary experience was the canned bean you were carrying and keeping in your backpack for a week until you started to crave for it like now craving for your local delicacy.

2) Either you camped your nights under the shining stars or enjoyed the 5-star luxury of a seaside resort where the only penetrating noise was the sound of the sea, nothing beats the feeling of finally jumping into the comfort of your own bed. Do not wonder if you don’t want to get out of it. Ever.

3) Your social media walls might be full of status updates, showing-off your city break or exotic holiday destinations demonstrating the mind-blowing night-outs with locals and fellow travelers, but you are eagerly looking forward to the moment to get back in the circle of your family and childhood friends and start the normal people’s stuff all over again you are all used to.

4) If you are back from a country where ordering a glass of water gave you a hard time you will be praising your own neighborhood, the corner shop and the local authority that understands your language and not requiring you to be a pantomime artist to get your things done.

5) And if we are talking about the corner shop it DOES matter a lot. Who else would serve you even without words when you walk down amid the biggest sickness (hangover?) than the person you know for donkeys’ ages at the corner store? Well, at least you can always count on someone when it’s about saving your life.

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