Because great ideas are born above the clouds

Short and sweet or long and tedious, plane journeys can be equally dull and frustrating when no activity is found up there to keep the hyperactive traveler’s mind on a constant spinning-mode. Preparing for a 10-hour flight or even a short hour disconnection from the ground freaks you out? No need to stress much, rather take advantage of every single minute while above the clouds.

On board

1. Avoid culture shock

Whether you can’t get away without your guidebook or you downloaded a new travel app, now it’s the right time to make some last minute planning for the journey ahead, learn some basic phrases of the local language, or just simply get more immersed in the culture and history of the place. This way you increase your chances of avoiding any unpleasant surprises after you landed at your final destination.

2. Get off the beaten track tips directly on board

In-flight magazines are not only designed to pass 60 seconds by gazing at the colorful visuals and that’s it done, but if you look into it a bit deeper, it actually gets you some cool off-path tips be it the locals’ favorite restaurant, a hidden temple, an untouched bay or tomorrow’s festival in the country you are eager to reach. You might also spot a new destination to put up on your bucket list.

3. Make. Big. Plans.

Time spent off-ground sharing your space with a range of different nationalities certainly stimulates the brain and inspires on new things and new opportunities that you might not think about in the daily rat race. Time to bring those plans on the next level, simply by scribbling down what all just came into your mind and start to make things happen as soon as you touched the ground.

4. It’s movie time

The occasion has come for an ad-free, ringing phone free just me and my movie time. Put on your headphones and browse through the in-flight entertainment programs or set your tablet on a flight-mode and just start the movie happy hours right there.

Movie and meal on board

5. Let the beats fly you to different universe

Hard-rocker, jazz-fan or a true classical? Whatever is your musical taste your fav one will always get you on a different mindset. Not to mention that no one ever came up with a better prevention method against non-stop crying kids’ on board so you better carry a bunch of tracks in your pocket.

6. Clear up your mind

Please fasten your seatbelt and just sit back, relax and enjoy your flight. Literally there is no better time and place to get rid of all the unwanted stuff sitting as a heavy burden on your shoulder and just get a peace of mind. At least as long as the journey lasts. Switching onto relax mode you may as well find a surprisingly simple way to sort out that one thing bugging you for a while.

7. Don’t delay that piece of work anymore

We all have some sort of job we have been sitting on and pushing from here to there and from there to here. If it’s something you can take on board with you there’s no excuse why not to kick-start the procedure right away. Time will fly even faster and the relief you get is priceless.

8. Where’s your seatmate from?

What particularly exciting by air is that you get to meet some funky dudes from businessmen to artists to born travelers. It’s always nice to know with whom you are sharing your time and space with so don’t be shy to ask a question or two. Please note though that some people just don’t want to chitchat and if you get that unmistakable sign just respect.

9. There’s always a book

There’s that book you got months/years ago but there was simply not enough hours in the day to even take it off your shelf. Now it’s there, hiding at the bottom of your carry-on…

10. Take it as a culinary experience

If nothing else, then just think about your flight as a culinary journey and just enjoy your meal (well, as long as a meal is provided) with a glass of wine looking at it as a first step of switching into vacation mood (or business mood?) on your trip high above the clouds.

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