Life IS a journey


When you just know you have to take that next step. When life starts to kick your ass and have to take the challenge knocking harder and harder on your door. When you know you can’t fiddle around in one place anymore and life anyway will sort the rest out.

Talking about your old job which you are ready to trade in for the adventure awaits, or your city where you grew up but not having that challenge in store you need right now. When you can’t keep on holding on to your things, your childhood, your old bed, the neighborhood you’re used to, the people you feel comfortable with. Because things have changed a lot. Everybody took another direction and another turn. Some just moved to the next street, others landed a new job, another relationship, anchored their boat in another city, another country or even another continent.

So what is holding you back now?

Either you are 18 or 35, time seems to be there right away to grow up and start to live the “adult’s life”. Your way might be taking you somewhere far-far away. Somewhere you’ve never been before. Or probably you were but never thought you would come back for longer than a quick check-in/check-out. Might sounds worrying at first with all kinds of questions crossing through your mind.

Will they accept me?

Am I going to be JUST an outsider?

Will I get integrated easily?

Will I find friends?

Will I be successful?

Will I be able to achieve all that I’m going for?

Will I finally find peace in my mind or it’s just another station in a long journey I’m taking right now?

Will I be satisfied with my life?

But stop here for a moment and think: what’s there to really worry about? Whatever it takes and whatever you face it’s all about your attitude. Difficulties? Ego clashes? Bureaucracy? Social exclusion? Certainly will come in some way. But you know you are strong enough, you have not been raised to run away so easy. You were not taught to turn your back to challenges life brings to your front door. But even if you were, you are a fighter who won’t just escape. You will go ahead, will march, will fight like a soldier until you win that battle with life. And you prove. You prove to the society, to your friends, to your enemies, to your family and most importantly to your own self. Because there’s always a next step to be made and life will anyway sort the rest out.

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