An Alpine village copy pasted by China

Boat ride on Hallstatter See

Located in Upper Austria, surrounded by mountains and a crystal clear lake, the charming village of Hallstatt has not only attracted thousands and thousands of visitors from all parts of the world but the Chinese also needed one right away so they came, saw, measured and copied the whole damn thing. And the result?

OH GEE, better than an LV imitation. And what the 800 villagers had to say about it? Well, not everyone was keen to get an instant twin this way. But be it West or East, in Austria or China the place definitely worth a day-off or two. If you rather check out the place in it’s original version here are the top 5 things to do when you are there:

  1. Take a stroll around the village to explore its traditional buildings, narrow streets and hidden corners.
  2. Get a sneak-peek of the place on water. Either it’s a ferry, a paddle boat or candlelit boat ride the experience is unbeatable.
  3. Enjoy a lakeside gourmet feast in one of the traditional Gasthofs around the Hallstätter See.
  4. Let the funicular get you high up the hills.
  5. Check-out the painted skulls in the Bone House at Michael’s Chapel

+1 tip: make your way out of town to ride on a barge, slide down the miners’ shoot and visit the “Man in Salt” in the Hallstatt Salt Mine.

 Hallstatt viewUnbeatable view of the charming village of Hallstatt

Hallstatt traditional homesTraditional and inviting – homes by the lake

Lakeside restaurant Hallstatt  Lakeside chill

Hallstatt goes modern    Hallstatt goes contemporary

Old post office HallstattMemories of a bygone era

Firewood stacked up for winterWinter to come

Bone HouseOminously decorative – Bone House at St. Michael’s Chapel

Stairs up to mountainStairway uphill

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