Get lost in Maribor for 4 hours

Cat and mice Maribor

There was this cafeteria in the heart of the old town, a perfect escape with its shades on an extremely warm Wednesday. After the coffee kick I was ready to travel the city where old and new, odd and conventional, peaceful residents and loud football fans mixed surprisingly well. Pity that I only had a few hours in Maribor, but luckily I managed to make the most out of my brief stay. If you are around this Slovenian gem, this is how you can jump in the middle of the “small” city’s bustling everydays.

10:00 – 11:00

Cool down and get fueled-up at Café Marpurgi (Vetrinjska street 30) with a delicious ice-coffee and some light snacks. The terrace is nicely located amongst old architecture in the historical center, which by the way makes it the ultimate best place in Maribor for people watching.

Cafe Marpurgi MariborCoffee kick – Café Marpurgi

11:00 – 11:30

Walk down at Vetrinjska street towards the river Drava, then go down the stairs under the Main Bridge (Glavni Most) and turn right towards Lent to find yourself at the oldest part of the city. Here winding cobblestone streets are home to some of the trendy bars and restaurants, making the area the eventual nightlife scene of the town (gosh, why did I not schedule an evening stay!)

11:30 – 12:30

Continue your way to the right from the bridge till you reach the Old Vine House, the oldest and still growing vine in the world giving about 100 small-size bottles of the great nectar a year. Check out the free exhibition of the adjacent museum, unfolding the imposing story of the 400-year-old heritage and vine cultivation in a contemporary way. Don’t miss to taste some of the best Slovenian wines in the house.

Old Vine House MariborWhere vine has been growing for 400-years – Old Vine House

Old Vine House Maribor did you knowDid you know? – Old Vine House

12:30 – 14:00

Get your way from the expected towards unexpected and find out what Maribor’s contemporary art gallery hides. Starting from the Old Vine House go up the small alley near the place till you reach the main road, then turn left to Koroska road and right to Strossmayerjeva street. The Maribor Art Gallery or UGM (Strossmayerjeva street 6.) sports striking paintings, avant-garde sculptures, alternative photographs, interactive installations and many more from the end of the 19th century to date. Looking at the modern visuals clearly demonstrates the exceptional talent and ability of Slovenian artists, who surely have a significant role in the international art scene.

Oh, Happy Day - Maribor Art GalleryMarjan Remec: Oh, Happy Day (acrylic on canvas) – Maribor Art Gallery

Hand Study - Maribor Art Gallery

Franc Kosar: Hand Study (burned clay) – Maribor Art Gallery

Apartment installation

Ziga Kariz: It’s so simple and that the way I like it (Charlie on Milka) – Maribor Art Gallery

And that was it, short and sweet. My time was up in Maribor. At least there’s something left for the next time I return…

Do you have an extra day?

A fairy-tale region in neighbouring Hungary is waiting for you just a stone’s throw away.

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