Let this story stand as a survival guide to any family vacations – part 1.

family holiday guide

Family vacation. It’s a hard call. What made me spend a chunk of my summer holidays with my loved ones? I’m still not sure… But I tell ya’ how I survived.

If you are also planning to challenge your destiny here’s my story.

During springtime, somewhere around April my parents came up with a brilliant idea to spend some time this summer together. Suddenly as a thunderbolt some flashes were popping up in my mind of last year’s vacation rampage (let me not go into details here). Because let’s be honest. We all love our parents, we all try to spend some quality time with them but that all doesn’t count when it’s about a week being locked up in the same apartment, consciously or subconsciously (who cares) forced into this parent-child hierarchy thing. Man, that’s tougher than climbing the Mount Everest. So bearing all these in mind I apologized with some lack of time kinda bullshit and not suspecting anything I went on with planning my own well-deserved holiday.

Some weeks or even months have passed and I had completely forgotten about the incident when one day – yeah, that one day always comes, unexpectedly, in a sneaky way, when you least count on it – so on a warm summer day a call came in from mum, saying they were thinking about old times, when my sibling and I were toddlers, small kids whatever and we were all traveling together and such nice memories and so on, and as a present they wanna invite us for a family vacation and by the way they are booking the place. RIGHT NOW. Needless to say that exact moment the words left her mouth I did not know if I’m a girl or a boy, a man or a woman but it didn’t even matter. I said and mumbled something and she said something back and by the time we hung up the phone I was in great trouble.

“How the heck I’m gonna survive this?” I asked myself.

I had to come up with a scenario faster than the speed of light! So the only solution was that I grab control on everything and I work the whole holiday freaking package out by myself. So after some frustrated phone calls and sleepless nights on a Monday (late afternoon!) squeezed in between suitcases and piles of food and some other ‘useful’ things we all were on the way to the destination I managed to pick in the last moment to make the most family kind of thing out of the next coming days.

Read on and see how the story goes…

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