Cowboys do love Italy


What would you trade in a grand Baltic drive followed by a two-month trip to India for? Basically I believed for nothing. And then things just started to happen and I realized that I had taken up a project in the midst of summer in Hungary’s capital city of Budapest sacrificing my European and Asian travel adventures to bring back the old-school circus, the bucking bronco and some vintage Ford Mustangs for a night.

Italy’s rugged & refined fashion brand MCS dreamed big to make the impossible possible and gave Mustangs and circus, a wild horse from the rodeo, and a whole Western American lifestyle to people and all of that in the busiest mall in the heart of Budapest at WestEnd City Center. A Western party in WestEnd? Well, this discussion is for another day…

02CN5185MCS and Ford Mustang – a match made in heaven

02CN5157The classic American old-timer from 1965


02CN5217‘Mace up’ the night with MCS


Mentalist, Danny Blue knows how to ride the bucking bronco

The youngest MCS store with a brand new concept opened its doors to the brand’s strong base of loyal customers, press and nr.1. bloggers with a mind-blowing party to celebrate a new milestone in the company’s history in a true heritage style. Those of you who don’t recall, the iconic fashion brand was born in the ‘70s as Marlboro Country Store, then changed their name to Marlboro Sportswear in ’84 and to Marlboro Classics in ’87. The rejuvenation of the brand in 2013 brought MCS as the new brand name in, along with a worldwide expansion from China to France and beyond.

37BN8084Tradition meets style

02CN5044Checked shirts and leather jackets for the ultimate Western lifestyle


Quality and durability – all that the born traveler needs

The grand opening party was more like when a friends’ get together turns out to be one memorable night-out that everyone keeps on talking about for a long-long time. Finely crafted mini-burgers & hot-dogs, brownies and waffles and the enticing beats of the New York born DJ Mahogany turned Budapest’s nightlife a bit of American.


Probably the best desserts on earth? – Bagatell restaurant from the city of Kecskemet got it all right


DJ Mahogany turned up the heat


When a Mustang owner wants to refresh his wardrobe there is always MCS

02CN5406From behind the scenes

An exciting night with exciting people. Some of the well-known local celebrities also popped-in to enjoy the best invitation they probably have ever got.

37BN8209Singer Viktor Kiraly (back) and star mentalist Danny Blue (front) enjoyed some MCS treat

02CN5339Italian master chef Gianni Annoni (right) and singer Elias Gyula Jr. (left) with the always stylish RUNWAY Communications owner Marcella Kovacs (middle)

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