Dudes and India and this and that


Less than 2 weeks to go to touch ground in the vibrant tech-city of Bangalore and spend the rest of this year in the land of colors and religions and languages and crowd and… let’s just say diversity. For two months I will be wandering around the incredible cities and states of India and as the date is getting closer the itinerary pretty much seems as diverse as the country itself.

Homestay and classy hotels, food stalls and fine dine, north and south, palm-fringed beach and hill stations, the must-see and off the beaten track, tender coconut juice and the even more tender Kingfisher beer are all squeezed in here and there. My travel dude and lonely planet (yeah, I’m gonna take a guidebook too) are accompanying me with other local dudes joining in for some parts of the journey.

Until then there are the errands I must run to do all sorts of preparation things like you know, pumping up the immune system to be able to skip a detour to some hospitals, get the yearly travel insurance (let’s just stay positive about lot of traveling in the next year also), make some purchases and stuff like that. For now, let me just run to the bank to see if financials are sufficient for all that I’m planning. And hey, beautiful people out there, if you have any tips and tricks in the meantime how to stay on a shoestring budget but still making the most out of the adventure please give me a shout. Namaste.

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