Munnar reflects fifty shades of green

Passing by steep valleys, robust waterfalls, colorful roadside shacks and the greenest tea plantations the drive from Thekkady to Munnar is mind-blowing. In Munnar everything is pretty much about tea, the city itself is not so impressive but the surrounding area is something you don’t come across with everywhere.

Tea estate junction sign Munnar Kerala India

Do not miss the junction – tea estate junction sign, Munnar


There are ample amount of accommodations around town so the best is to book something among the green hills. For a quiet getaway at affordable rates Aranyaka Resorts offer good service, spacious rooms and a panoramic restaurant. Whether your budget allows a homestay or a deluxe cottage, both will reward you with a silent and comfy stay at the resort.

Aranyaka resort deluxe cottage Munnar Kerala IndiaWarm days or chilled nights all come with a view – Aranyaka Resorts, Munnar


The best thing to spend most of your day when in Munnar is trekking around the misty tea plantations, inhaling the aromatic fresh air, watching professionally skilled tea pickers at work, and just embrace the moment.

Tea estate temple Munnar Kerala India Religious moments – tea estate, Munnar

  • Off the beaten track:

For all off-track seekers out there: some of the biggest plantations have an entire complex built around with housing, healthcare, education, temples and all sorts of essential facilities right at the spot. If you receive permission from the residents themselves to enter you will get your jaw-dropping experience. While wandering around the enormous estate see how junctions are marked with colorful objects, like a comb, a doll, a mirror or a piece of fabric for easy identification. When the work is done for the day you can spot employees and family members going on with their everydays, children playing, women washing, men enjoying fresh chai and all the regular stuff, but in front of a different backdrop. Surely you won’t want to leave too soon.

Tea estate complex Munnar Kerala India

Post working hours – tea plantation, Munnar

  • Touristic:

A visit to the Kanan Devan Hills Plantations tea factory is more for the crowd with people literally pouring in the entrance and make it nearly impossible to see the exhibited objects. However there are a couple of things which make the visit actually valuable. They will show you a 30-mins video about the history and development of the region, followed by a real stand-up comedy like speech taking the piss out of Indian tea-drinking culture, ending the whole show with a guided tour at the factory. All in all it’s worth the hassle.

Tea making_1Art lies in a cup of tea – KDHP tea factory, Munnar


Definitely tea. At the end of the day you are in the heart of a tea growing region. You can pick up some of the best quality at Kanan Devan Hills Plantations along with some essential items for your tea session.

Kerala off the beaten track:

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