Art lies in logistics

We want to carry joy, health, love, energy – and fill in the blank – into the new year and try to avoid bringing sorrow, sickness, hate and negativity through from the past year. We are pushing and pulling and taking and dropping at a mental level and hoping it won’t have a physical effect on us. Because we don’t like to physically carry things.

But it’s way not the case when you come across some of the master transporters in India. They are literally doing all kinds of circus when it comes to moving something (or someone) from A to B. Let’s kick-off the year with a short recap on how things are carried through at this part of the world where seemingly everything is possible.


“But how are we going to carry this home? Don’t worry dude, I already have an idea!”


– “Sir, it can be dangerous, shouldn’t we tie a red cloth at the end of the beam?”

– “A red what?? Then why did I hire you? Get your ass in there!”


“My wife says we need a car. She just demands too much. This bike is serving me for 15 years and it carries the entire family perfectly well.”


“Thank you for your purchase with us. Have you been informed about our delivery service? We can appoint someone from our staff to balance your bike and help you with the transportation.”


“My mother wanted a 2×2 m poster to the dining room. So I went and got it for her. Delivery no issues. At least the wind was not hitting my right ear.”


“So how are we all going to get in the truck?”


“The festival season is approaching so it’s time for me to hit the road and sell some imitation flowers.”


“Won’t it be just too much to load?”


“I desperately wanted to buy this new oven. My uncle just got a new car. I was thinking to call him up to help me with the delivery but suddenly I got a better idea…”


“I think it was high time to relocate my store.”

And if that was not enough…

“It was a tiring day. And they needed someone to watch the truck load during delivery. So I just combined work with pleasure.”

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