Dawn to dusk in Hampi

Queen's Bath Hampi

By looking at nomad farmers along rice fields in the morning sun the world of materialism falls thousand miles away. After a chilling walk in the neighborhood all you need is a hearty breakfast and a friendly talk to kick-off with the day around a town called champion. Hop on your vehicle and let your driver take you to wonderland.

Vittala Temple

Hampi stone chariot India

Vishnu’s Stone Chariot – Hampi

A place where time simply ceases to exist. The atmosphere of pure stone art is immersive and inexpressible. Vishnu’s lavish stone chariot astounds in the middle with giant wheels that used to turn back in the days. Abundant musical pillars stand in the Great Hall as a symbol of 81 different instruments. No more sound test is allowed but you can bring the beat in elsewhere (just ask your guide).

DJ Play that song

Columns sound music – Hampi

The exclusive Marriage Hall and Prayer Hall within the complex are merely the icing on the cake. Still nosy? Look out for the bonus carvings where one figure actually depicts two. Or three. Or Four.

Tips: local guides are available at the entrance, 1-hour guided tour is money well-spent.

 Queen’s Bath

Queens bath exterior Hampi India

The beauty lies inside – The Queens Bath, Hampi

Simple exterior, meticulous interior. No doubt the royal family had a few relaxing moments in this luxuriously finished bath. Either it was used by the queen herself or rather it was a pampering spot for the king and his wives, feels like this Indo-Islamic building is still permeated with the scent of fragrant flowers and perfumed water.

 Hazara Rama Temple

Hampi IndiaIntricate carvings meet peaceful environment – around Hazara Rama Temple, Hampi 

For 24/7 chanting visit the private temple dedicated to king Rama. Just take a break, relax and listen to the sounds of religion. The surrounding area is a picture perfect place for any shots to the travel journal.

Zenana Enclosure

Lotus Mahal Hampi

As royal as it seems – Lotus Mahal, Hampi

The aristocratically standing Lotus Mahal surrounded by well-kept lawns is an unspoiled spot for royal recreation. The building’s amazing symmetry and the red-gold colors in the afternoon sun increase the splendor of this architectural gem.

Elephant stable Hampi India

Elephant stable with a view – Hampi

A well-preserved long building in the back with interconnected arched chambers used to serve as the Elephant Stable. Go inside the stable and look out for the metal hooks at the ceiling and the manhole for mahouts to justify that the place could still perform its original function. Someone please, put a few elephants inside.

Virupaksha Temple

Lakshmi temple

Still in use – Virupaksha Temple, Hampi

Don’t go anywhere before you visit the main pilgrimage center of Hampi, the worship spot of Lord Shiva uninterruptedly functioning since the 7th century. Wander around the pillared halls, watch out for monkeys and cows and get blessed by Lakshmi, the temple elephant in return for some cash.

Take the coracle back to your accommodation and get ready for tomorrow.

Want to know where to stay and how to get to the hot spots? Check Hampi, Hippies, Hipsters to find out!

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