A Secret Beach Behind the Scenes

I’ve always dreamed of an undiscovered beach. Ok, I would have agreed with a lonely seashore even if it had been discovered by someone else before me. They say if you dream of something long enough and hard enough, one day you will get it. So I just did that until a remote coastline revealed out of nowhere.

Peace garden beach huts south goa canacona talpona beach India

One day we had a car with us so we decided to venture down the South coast of Goa to relax from relax. Now visualize incredible landscape, emerald-green fields, small stalls and hardly any cars on the way. It was as if we were in a very different state where tourism is moderate and locals dominate. We followed the country roads, went through some villages, crossed an old shaky bridge and finally reached the destination envisioned by my mind hidden behind a line of trees.

South Goa palmtreesLandscaping – South Goa countryside

Talpona beach Canacona South Goa India

What your soul was searching for – Talpona Beach, Canacona, South Goa

It was only you on that long shore with footsteps in the golden sand indicated the presence of other folks earlier. Walking along Talpona beach is the most uplifting experience if a peace of mind is concerned. Talking about peace an accommodation totally melting in nature’s decoration is waiting for such wandering, solitude-searching travelers just like you or me. Peace Garden operates comfy sea facing and garden huts with en-suite open-top bathroom and a chilling sitting area outside. The bungalows are very new so cleanliness and interior design is superb compared to similar beach bungalows of its kind.

Peace garden beach hut talon beach canacona south goa india Being one with nature – Peace Garden beach huts, Talpona Beach

Peace garden hut interior

Simple and cheerful – Peace Garden beach hut interior, Talpona Beach

Soothing yoga sessions get mind, body and soul energized before jumping in the sea. Sitting in the restaurant is like being in an end of the world paradise where nobody can get you. The menu is influenced by fusion meals of South Indian, Nepalese and Mediterranean dishes completed with a good array of light healthy bites and detox smoothies. Just a few chills out in the restaurant at a time but from all over the world, which makes the place the ultimate spot to form our own little circle even if it’s a one-on-one with our inner soul or hours-long contemplation with global nomad peers.

Peace garden beach hut restaurant menu canacona talpona beach south goa indiaFeast for the taste buds – Peace Garden restaurant menu, Talpona Beach

“I dreamed of a place where I meet my real self and I found it in Goa hidden behind a bunch of trees.”


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