Wander to Live, Live to Wander. Intricate?

welcome by nations

While eagerly trying to leave some crazy footprints all over the globe stop sometimes to learn how to…


…cherish every little arty bite from the Italians

Italy seafood Padova restaurant


…embrace life by all means from the Indians

Bangalore school kids after school


…respect rules (and pets) from the Germans

German rules_Hunde bar


…party hard all night (and wake up in the morning as if nothing happened) from the Maltese

Malta Paceville mediterranean party scene


…be chic wherever you go from the French

Paris metro fashion advertisement


…relish contemporary art no matter what from the Austrians



…be clean and crisp at all times from the Swiss

Zurich downtown streets


…be always happy and cheerful whatever happens from the Thais

Thailand happiness


…preserve history even in the most turbulent times from the Egyptians

Egypt history local guide


…sing your soul out from the Greeks

Greece singing


…drink shots till you drop from the Hungarians

Hungary shot

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