Screw it, Let’s Keep Fit… Even if it’s Wanderlust Who Calls

Without sparing our sweat drops, hours of (sort of) suffering, overcoming our sluggishness even the most lazy looking day, all year round we are striving to keep up with the good work we do when it comes to staying fit, building up our muscles, stretching our body or finally losing that little excess belly fat. But all our efforts seem to be down the drain when we take a break from the fit-race while traveling.

Running on the beach Goa India

Because frankly, who wants to ride that treadmill when you can just hang around in the beach bar sipping on a vibrant cocktail and ordering that giant meal with crispy potatoes and extra sauce you were craving for from the moment you booked your ticket to paradise. The only thing is that little bell at the back of your mind, which keeps on ringing every time you swallow another calorie-infused bite as a reminder that by the end of the week you want nothing else just eliminate all mirrors coming across unceasingly testifying your vanishing fitness. Hear this out now, because there are just an abundant ways to work on our physical appearance, which eventually bring in a lot of fun time and not least some cool ‘Insta’ pics. See how to work out without getting down and out:


Yoga takes it all

This is my absolute favorite activity because it’s so easy to perform whenever, wherever and however, there seem to be no boundaries. From strengthening to stretching to balancing to unwinding it’s way too all-inclusive and the best part is that you can do it in your hotel room, somewhere at the water’s edge or even downtown in an urban field of green. I started to take yoga lessons from an eighty-something year old yoga master in India that helped me to keep my mind, body and soul in balance during my two months time in the culture shock.


Cycling through mountain and town

Be it a metropolis, the seashore or the mountains there is always a reason to go for a great ride. An efficient way to explore the city, an uplifting activity to pedal around the lake, or a real challenge to conquer the highlands while you are actually shaping the lower part of your body. Even if your bike and you are a thousand miles away renting one is easy and affordable nearly anywhere in the world.


Running after wanderlust

Just carry your sneakers and a set of comfy apparel and you can run out of the world to North to South to West to East. It’s so much value for no-money, just think of it: it costs you nothing but your energy and any little fat will melt off while shaping the perfect athlete kind of legs. Put on your earphones and move fast through urban districts or out in nature. Just don’t forget to stop before you drop.


Swimming off the heat

Jump in the ocean, the sea, the lake or the pool for a sweat-free workout. Tanning in the deck chair all day long and chilling with ice-cold beer in hand are surely tempting but for muscle’s sake just propel your body through water and your limbs will be grateful. Well, just on the footnote, I never neglect to reward my efforts with a cold beverage and a scoop of ice cream (or two).

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