One day you wake up and feel that you need to get away for a while. Probably a day trip to see something new. A week to relax. A month to reevaluate your life. Know the feeling. The travel bug bit you and doesn’t want to let you. You open your map, spot a location, make your travel arrangements, pack and ready to go. After days, weeks or months of planning finally you arrived at your destination. You are there full of energy and feeling the wanderlust even more. But now. Where to start? You’ve read in and out your guide-book so you know all the tourist spots around. You cover them in a day or two taking some nice shots while struggling in the crowd of thousands of others with the same goal. Then suddenly something clicks. You rather experience something unique, see where the locals go, relax, eat, drink and party. Where to go? I have some tips. See? You’ve already picked a right place to start.